24/7 Championship Deactivated

24/7 Championship Deactivated

Whenever Mick Foley debuted the 24/7 Championship on Monday Night RAW back on May 20th 2019, I was hooked on the idea that the title could be defended anywhere.

It was the modern-day reincarnation of the Hardcore Title.

I have been covering the 24/7 Title here on this website since the day it debuted and I have enjoyed every part of it.

I will be sad that it has now been deactivated, but all good things must come to the end.

I have already started a newer project called @ChampionshipLog - It has been slightly inactive as I am busy with a few things, but I hope to start it up again later this month. Additionally, I might be moving that account to Mastodon, but I will let people know ahead of time.

If you have been following this website or the Twitter account, Thank You!

Thank you to WWE for creating the title and the Superstars involved with the title for having fun with it!

<3 Padraig