Champion #156 - Dana Brooke

Champion #156 - Dana Brooke

On RAW #1500, Reggie wanted to apologise for what he did to Dana (Taking the 24/7 Championship away from her)

In return, Reggie called for a referee. Reggie layed down on the mat and invited Dana to pin him.

1, 2... KICKOUT! Force of habit according to Reggie. Trying it again... 1, 2... KICKOUT! What is going on.?!

To ensure that Reggie wouldn't kick out a 3rd time, Dana pinned him again, kissing him while the referee counted to 3.

Dana Brooke is the NEW 24/7 Champion! Ending Reggie's 3rd reign after just 1 week.

This begins Dana's 2nd reign as champion!